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The terms apply to ordering and purchasing a subscription to Gausdøl'n. The agreement is binding on both parties when Gausdøl'n has registered your order.

Contracting Parties

The conditions apply between you and Gausdøl'n - org. No. 969 360 292 - Østringsveien 1, 2651 Østre Gausdal.

The subscription includes

The subscription includes access to the online newspaper Gausdøl'n and services offered through
We reserve the right to make changes to the products, as well as to change, add or remove additional products.


One must be logged in to subscribe to access all content on Gausdøl'n.
The subscription is managed by the individual himself via "My Account" at Each subscription (user name and password) can be used on up to five different devices. Additional device management is done on My page. Gausdøl'n is not responsible for any defects in equipment or services that are necessary for use, such as software, hardware or internet access.

Conditions that provide the basis for advertising the service or delivery shall be made as soon as possible by contacting e-mail to Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den. . Gausdøl's liability for a complaint is limited to the amount paid for the service during the relevant period. There is no compensation for any consequential costs.


The login details are personal and cannot be shared with anyone other than those registered as part of the household. If you share your login details in violation of this, Gausdøl'n reserves the right to close your access to with immediate effect without you being entitled to compensation.

Right of withdrawal

When purchasing Gausdøl'n, you have a right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions of the right of withdrawal law. The right of withdrawal law gives the consumer the right to undo the purchase by notifying the seller within 14 days after the consumer received the goods, and information required pursuant to Chapter 3 of the Right of Withholding Act is received in the prescribed manner. The Act only applies to consumer purchases.


By accepting these Terms of Use, you agree that Gausdøl'n may process your personal information in accordance with the following terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy .


Gausdøl'n reserves the right to change the price of your current subscription. A new price can also be applied to subscribers who have paid in advance before the price change according to previous price.

Subscription prices (effective from January 1, 2018):

  • Month: Kr 49, -


The subscription is prepaid through a web-based payment solution with cards at
The subscription is managed by each one via "My Page" on

The subscription's duration and termination

Gausdøl'n offers monthly subscriptions.
The subscription runs until it is terminated, and is automatically renewed for the corresponding period for which it was subscribed, until terminated. The subscription fee is charged to the registered payment card.
You can cancel your subscription at any time. Termination is done by entering "My page" and using your own button to stop the subscription at the end of the period. Lack of payment is not considered termination. In connection with special promotions, other subscription periods may be offered.


The terms and conditions apply from entering into the agreement between you and Gausdøl'n and until new terms and conditions are published on the website.

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